There are now lots of options to start small but with full features, scalability and accurate forward budgeting built in.
Maintenance and support costs less and is faster as support engineers no longer need to travel to you.
All notion of an office phone system being fixed and accessed solely when staff are in the office is gone.
You don’t even need an office telephone handset at all to use the new systems, simply use your mobile in office handset mode from anywhere if you prefer.
How will you benefit from a New Telephone System?
It’s an old adage, but very often a change will save you money so why not have something new for less?
If are paying traditional phone line rental and call costs then you will make savings for sure. Also calls to mobiles are built in to new systems and sometimes that saving alone is enough to justify changing.
Then staff can use their mobiles to call from anywhere calling as part and parcel of the office system bringing further savings on calls from your mobiles. Show us big mobile bills and we’ll show you big savings.

Costly maintenance contracts will go as well as any big hardware expansion costs as you grow.
If you are moving premises then costs of engineering and phone line installations should also make you look at your options. You can even keep your existing numbers.
But overall it is the ability to connect your customers to all your staff whether they are in the office, other offices, homes or out on the road that gives the improvement in communication and productivity that will make the difference. Especially as all these calls are free.


All these benefits rely on a good internet connection. It’s a key business advantage to have excellent connectivity and as things change rapidly you should always consider all your options rather than allow an existing contract to roll on.
It may well be that a private leased line or a dedicated secure private network between all your offices is the recommended route and all these options are becoming increasingly vital and at the same time more affordable.
When, and only when, you have a good, reliable internet connection should you consider the use of internet (Voip) telephony.

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