Buy at the right time – Not at the end of your contract

Electricity and Gas are traded commodities and prices change daily just as much due to market confidence as well as demand and supply. In times of global terror attacks, political leaders’ antics, Brexit and election surprises you can see why prices can be volatile!
The key point is if the price is right you can forward buy now and seamlessly move onto to new lower prices at the end of your current contract, with the same or a new energy provider.

Get in position to Buy when the Time is Right

We work closely with you to determine the exact parameters and timing of when you can recontract. If a market advantage opens up we alert you with an offer to buy if you wish, both saving you time and money and fixing your future costs at a new lower rate.
Our service involves no commitment or costs to you and provides an expert and impartial snapshot of your current position. It avoids the difficulty and time spent, maybe out of your comfort zone, going to market yourself and means if a window of opportunity opens, you can secure excellent rates for as long as you want in the future.

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